LADSC Waiver Program begins Oct. 30

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas -- Beginning noon CST Oct. 30, master and technical sergeants in specific overage Air Force specialty codes may apply to have certain active duty service commitments waived allowing them to retire if eligible.

The Limited Active Duty Service Commitment Waiver Program forgives the following ADSCs for master and technical sergeants who will have 20 years total active federal service by their requested retirement date which must be on or before Sep. 1.

ADSC reason and amount of ADSC Waiver authorized:
Permanent change of station, full
Promotion, 18 months (no promotion ADSC for TSgt)
Professional military education, full
Air Force Institute of Technology (master's), full
Air Force Educational Leave or Absence (Bootstrap), full
Technical training, full
LADSC eligibles serving accompanied overseas tours must apply to retire the first day of the month following their date expected to return from overseas if their DEROS is in the month of Aug. or prior. If the members DEROS is in the month of Sep. or after the member must request to retire on Sep. 1.

Applications for LADSC will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis as established by the Air Force Contact Center's receipt of the completed application from the member's commander. Waivers will not be approved once an AFSC reaches the sustainment quota identified in the enlisted force shaping matrix.

Recoupment of unearned portions of bonuses is required under the LADSC Waiver Program.
For more in-depth information about the LADSC Waiver Program to include detailed eligibility criteria visit the Air Force Personnel Center Force Shaping Web site.