460th OSS inches by 566th IOS, 6-0

BUCKLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- The defending champs, the 460th Operations Support Squadron/2nd Space Warning System intramural flag football team, hushed the 566th Information Operations Squadron team, 6-0, on the new football field Tuesday afternoon, even after losing center Steven Dakus to a shoulder injury during the game.

The teams held each other back defensively most of the game, but the 460th OSS wide receiver Jason Banda gained 40 yards out of the second half chute to help his team score the only touchdown of the game.

On the 460th OSS's mid-field possession toward the beginning of the game, 566th IOS linebacker Jimmy Buczek intercepted quarterback Kevin Scott's throw.

566th IOS wide receiver Brett Wallace gained first and goal. Buczek gained another eight yards, but Banda cut their advances by five by blitzing quarterback Josh Mills.

The 460th OSS's Jared Smith pulled 566th IOS's Brett Barkacs's flag five yards short of the goal, and 460th OSS's Sean Garrick blocked Mills' throw to stop the touchdown.

On the 460th OSS's following possession, Scott threw a 50-yard pass to Garrick for a 60-yard gain, the longest completed pass of the game. But, he couldn't complete another pass in that possession to score.

The 566th IOS gained only five yards in their next possession to give the 460th OSS first down on the 35 yard line. After two penalties that put 460th OSS third and 30 to the 20 yard line, Barkacs intercepted a throw before the halftime whistle blew.

The 460th OSS started the second half out strong with Banda's 40 yard gain. Jared Smith ran for five, and Dexter Bennett caught the touchdown pass for a 6-0 lead. The 460th OSS couldn't connect on the next play for the extra point.

Barkacs racked up 25 yards for the 566th IOS during their following possession, but Garrick stopped them in their tracks with an interception.

On the 460th OSS's next two plays, they were penalized 20 yards for guarding the flag. A call on illegal blocking against 460th OSS forced the turnover.

The 566th IOS's Mills charged 20 yards to put his team on the opposite 35 yard line. A throw to Wallace gained another five yards, and an unnecessary roughness call put the 566th IOS at first and goal.

A quick pass to Wallace left them five yards short of a touchdown with 2:30 left in the game. Mills dropped the hike, so they fell 11 short of the goal. With two minutes to play, 460th OSS charged offsides, so the 566th gained four yards off the penalty. On the fourth down, Banda intercepted the throw in the end zone.