Safety Day: it’s more than just a day


The 460th Space Wing Safety Office held a full-day safety event Oct. 7, 2016, at the fitness center on Buckley Air Force Base, Colo.

“The event brought subject matter experts to the base to present materials the safety office considers high-interest items,” said Capt. Bryan Davis, 460th Space Wing Safety chief. “These experts were able to communicate why these safety concepts are important on a personal level. Additionally, there were several hands-on stations to provide members with direct evidence of how these safety concepts directly apply to them.”

The event included hunting and outdoor safety, home and fire safety and hands-on activities for driving safety.

The hands-on portions of the event included four alcohol-impairment obstacles courses, two field sobriety stations, child seat safety station, motorcycle safety station, experienced driver station, marijuana impairment station, semi-truck blind spot demonstration, a wrecked car from a DUI, and a hunting and outdoor station.

The safety office was joined by the Buckley Fire Department and Drive Smart Colorado, a program designed to reduce the number of traffic crashes through community collaboration and education.

Drive Smart provided drunk goggles and different activities for Team Buckley to understand the full extent that alcohol has on the human body and its senses. The Drive Smart presentation involved many statistics along with personal stories from family members of drunk driving victims and Colorado State Trooper Josh Lewis.

“Every year the Center for Disease Control releases all the ways that people are critically injured and/or die, other than cancer, heart attack and stroke. The number one most preventable, accidental injury and death is motor vehicle crashes,” said Jackie Mohr, Drive Smart representative.

The event concluded with squadron safety representatives having one-on-one briefings with their Airmen on how to be safe during the Columbus Day holiday weekend.