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USAF Triathlon Team

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1st Lt. John Bierman, 2nd Space Warning Squadron Delta Crew deputy flight commander, rides a bike in a 2014 triathlon in Tempe, Arizona. Bierman competed for four years on the United States Air Force Academy triathlon team and will compete for the third time on the U.S. Air Force triathlon team June 15-19, 2016, in Ventura County, Calif. (Courtesy photo by Vivien Cook) Space operators represents Buckley, AF at grueling triathlon
The gun goes off, everyone sprints for the water, and all that can be heard for a mile is the frantic splashing of competitors trying to swim faster than the person next to them.They leap out of the water and jump on a bike, pedaling as fast as their legs can move. It takes coordination, concentration and an attack plan to push through the grueling
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