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NIOC Colorado
17950 E Steamboat Ave
Stop 51
Aurora, CO  80011

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JCC Annex: 720-847-6156 / 6157
CDO: 303-210-1787
Admin: 303-677-2179

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Karla Coronado
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LTJG Mike Williams
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Navy Information Operations Command Colorado

Eyes of the Fleet

Navy Information Operations Command Colorado

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 The mission of NAVIOCOM Colorado has been established by the Commander, U.S. TENTH Fleet, as follows: "Provide ready, trained and motivated Information Warfare Officers, Cryptologic Enlisted Personnel, and expertise to support Signals Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Space, Information, and Cyber Operations for Aerospace Data Facility Colorado (ADF-C), National Security Agency Colorado (NSAC), and Commander Task Group 101 in support of Fleet, combat forces, and national intelligence operations and requirements worldwide."

Guiding Principles

Do the right thing.  Your actions must be defendable and repeatable.

Always do your best.  Strive for perfection;  achieve excellence.

Treat other people the way you want to be treated.  Lead the way you want to be led, follow the way you want to be followed.



In the spirit of Station HYPO and Captain Joseph Rochefort, this represents our ability to search for, find, and exploit enemy intelligence technologies no matter where they reside in the electro-magnetic spectrum. This requires tenacity, perseverance, and patience. Our focus here is to find -- we will find the enemy and pass actionable data to forward deployed forces.


 For information to be considered intelligence it must first be analyzed. Analysis consists of both detailed examination and thoughtful interpretation. Each one of you brings unique tradecraft, abilities, and experiences to the team; those intellectual skills are critical to this effort and are thus the commands' greatest asset.


 For us to be tactically effective and relevant, our intelligence products must be a result of concise, efficient, and collaborative engagement efforts with the Fleet and combat forces, to include communication, dissemination, and threat warning.

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