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  • Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks

    Issue: Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks.Concern:Can we get something out to ensure people still stop at the stop sign leaving housing? Since the road closed going left from housing people are not stopping there and my family almost got hit AGAIN today in the cross walk, this time by a black 4 door mercury car. Traffic in and around
  • Distinguished visitor gate closure concerns

    Issue: Distinguished vistor gate closure concernsConcern:To Whom It May Concern,I would like to address my concerns regarding today's closure of the 6th Ave gate. I work at the Air Reserve Personnel Center. My normal commute to Buckley takes ten minutes. Today when I arrived at the 6th Ave gate and drove up the entrance only to discover the
  • Air Force Ball 2016

    The 2016 Air Force Ball is on Sept. 16, with doors opening at 6 p.m. at the Leadership Development Center on Buckley Air Force Base.The event is unique this year with Lt. Col. James Harvey Jr., a Tuskegee Airman, as its guest speaker. Also, there are some updates to this Air Force Ball in comparison to previous year's events:-Female military
  • Concealed Carry On-Base Concerns

    Concern:My question is regarding base personnel with concealed carry permits. With the world in the state it's in, and active shooters becoming more prevalent, I would like to have my firearm available if needed. Can you change the base policy to make this possible?Response:Thank you for your inquiry about this important topic. Given the many times
  • 6th Ave Gate Traffic and Gate Guard Concerns

    Concern:I would like to express my concern over the lack of competence by your contract security guards. The majority of your military gate guards are very nice and extremely good. However, there are times where your contracting support, and their leadership, lacks a fundamental understanding of mission and support. This morning (18 Aug) at
  • Rent Concerns After Lightning Strike

    Concern:My name is SSG Joshua Willoughby, I'm a recruiter for the US Army in the Denver Recruiting Battalion and currently rent a house on Buckley AFB. On 18 July 2016 the house I rent was struck by lightning and a fire was started in the attic of the house. My wife and 6 month old son made it out safely and the Fire Department was able to
  • Buckley fitness center goes 24/7

    Beginning 29 Jul, portions of the Buckley Fitness Center will be available for use 24/7! Areas available include; the indoor track, upstairs equipment (cardio and selectorized machines), multi-purpose room (Panther Pit), racquetball courts and restrooms.This is available only to Active Duty, Guard/Reserve and their dependents 18 years and older.
  • Privately Owned Firearms

    Team Buckley, here is an important reminder.At NO time may Privately Owned Firearms (POF) be loaded when kept in Buckley Family Housing, they must be handled with extreme care and always treated as if they are loaded.POFs must be registered before being stored in privatized family housing and residents must comply with any weapons restrictions
  • Traffic concerns at Mississippi Gate

    Subject: Traffic concerns at Mississippi GateConcern: Can they please do something about the massive traffic backups at the Mississippi Gate? This morning there was only one lane open, the middle lane. Traffic was backed up in every direction as far as the eye could see. It took me close to an hour to get through the gate. My report time is 0700. I
  • USO Denver Employment Transition Workshop

    USO Denver Employment Transition Workshop