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  • DoD civilians using the BX

    Question I'm a Department of Defense civilian here at Buckley Air Force Base. More than once I've had to run to a store during a break. There is not a store close to the base. Is there any way that a DoD civilian employee would ever be able to use the Base Exchange on base? Answer The House Armed Services Committee and DoD directives determine who
  • Recycling dumpsters

    Question: During the holidays we visited the Commissary and Base Exchange and tried to drop off our recycling at the dumpsters in the Commissary parking lot. The dumpsters were full, and people were leaving their recyclables on the curb in front of the dumpsters where the wind was picking up lighter pieces and blowing them all around making a mess.
  • Newcomer's Information

    Arriving on base Buckley Air Force Base has one visitor control gate open 24 hours a day, the 6th Avenue Gate. Directions and transportation Buckley Air Force Base is located in Aurora, Col. You can reach the base via Interstate 225, Exit 9 for 6th Avenue/CO-30. Go east on 6th Avenue. You'll arrive at Buckley on the right after 2.8 miles. Your