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460th Operations Group

460th Operations Group (color)

460th Operations Group (color)

460 OG Factsheet

2 SWS & 11 SWS

The 2d Space Warning Squadron (2 SWS) and 11th Space Warning Squadron (11 SWS) are the primary operations units within the 460th Operations Group. Their primary mission is to provide missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence by utilizing the $29.4 billion dollar Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) within the Mission Control Station (MCS). SBIRS is a consolidated system comprised of three different satellites: Defense Support Program (DSP), Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO), and Highly Elliptical Orbit (HEO). In addition, the SBIRS architecture is comprised of six worldwide operational mission support sites, and host over 240 active duty, reserve, and multinational military with 90 contractor personnel performing operations and maintenance. In 2017, the operational construct transitioned to the Space Mission Force (SMF), with the primary intent of preparing our Airmen to meet the global challenges of today’s contested, degraded and operationally-limited environment. In support of the mission, the Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) Battlespace Awareness Center (OBAC) was integrated into the crew force structure, enhancing battlespace awareness and reporting to Combatant Commanders and intelligence centers worldwide. Collectively, the MCS operates under a 24/7 “no-fail” mission providing global surveillance to protect this nation, our deployed personnel, and our U.S. allied forces from around the world.

460 OSS

The 460th Operations Support Squadron (OSS) is a 65-person total force multi-national squadron directly supporting the $29.4 billion SBIRS program. They are responsible for operational training and certification of all space warriors from the 460th Operations Group in nine combat mission-ready crew positions, as well as tactics development, engineering support, OBAC support, intelligence support, crew force management, and student accessions.



The 8th Space Warning Squadron (8 SWS), an Air Force Reserve unit administratively subordinate to the 310th Space Wing, is collocated on Buckley AFB with the 460th Operations Group. Their mission statement is to "Provide a ready, reliable, and scalable Citizen Airman force with expertise and continuity supporting integrated space based infrared mission." Their vision statement is to "remain the foundation for SBIRS operational excellence and win future challenges through innovation and total force integration." The squadron provides the backbone of DSP and SBIRS knowledge and expertise to the active-duty operational squadrons that run those programs. Their personnel are fully integrated into crew and support operations throughout the 460th Operations Group.