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Recycling dumpsters

During the holidays we visited the Commissary and Base Exchange and tried to drop off our recycling at the dumpsters in the Commissary parking lot. The dumpsters were full, and people were leaving their recyclables on the curb in front of the dumpsters where the wind was picking up lighter pieces and blowing them all around making a mess. Can we get the dumpsters emptied and the mess cleaned up?

We are aware that the holidays provide a lot more recyclable materials in the form of gift boxes and wrapping paper.

On the day you called there were 50 knot winds wreaking havoc with things left on the ground that should not have been left there. By the time we received your call, the 460th Civil Engineer Squadron's recycle shop was out picking up the debris with the help of a landscaping crew that was actually contracted to work elsewhere.

This is a success story, though! The current Recycling Manager, Mr. Greg Reagan, reports that in the time he has had the program, Waste Management has steadily increased the number of dumpsters from seven to eight to ten to the current twelve outside the Commissary.

Buckley recycles! This is good for our planet and good for our base. Many people who visit our base travel only to the Commissary and the BX, and may not know that Buckley has 43 other sites with recycling dumpsters.

The dumpsters are emptied once a week by Waste Management with no opportunity for additional pickups. However, Waste Management has agreed to come to our base to re-evaluate the number of dumpsters in front of the Commissary. We will also be monitoring the dumpsters to see if the overflow in the course of a week is the same as it was right after Christmas.

Buckley is a beautiful base. To keep our base beautiful, we are examining the best place to locate the recycle dumpsters as we begin the pharmacy construction -- perhaps behind this new building. In the meantime, I'm asking people to never set their recyclables on the ground around the dumpsters, but to utilize the other 43 dumpster sites at places like the Chapel, Child Development Centers, and most office buildings, like the Space Wing Headquarters building.

If you have questions about recycling sites, Mr. Reagan is available at 720-847-9327. Thank you for recycling, and thank you for caring about our base and its appearance.