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Restricted Area Turnstiles and Security Issue

Subject: Restricted Area Turnstiles and Security Issue

Concern:Security is a vital part of military life. When the simplest of processes fail and are not corrected, security takes on the appearance of "joke." The occasional back-up of cars from the Miss. Gate onto Tower Rd is expected. But when the turnstiles into the SBIRS RA are consistently out of commission and those within the MCS (Bldg 442) are neglected for months and years, one really has to question the priorities of keeping basic measures up to par. I think it's time we turn the focus away from arresting people that inadvertently punch in the distress codes or make more than one attempt to get through inferior access control points, and focus on fixing the root cause. I should be able to exit the MCS through the appropriate turnstiles. I should not have to worry about the Sec. Forces arresting people who punched in a distress code. They should be ensuring that individual is safe and secure anyway. I know what I'm talking about. I was part of the Sec. Forces protecting overseas bases.

Response: Thank you for your service and for your Action Line feedback on our turnstile gates inside the SBIRS Mission Control Station. Security remains my top readiness concern. Maintaining our security requires ensuring those who input duress codes are confirmed to be secure as we must never assume the input is accidental. That being said, the problems you reference are caused by mechanical failures within our aging turnstiles. 460 CES has been working with the contractor that installed the turnstiles to provide much needed maintenance. As such, you should see repairs completed on all turnstiles given expedited fix actions. 460 CES is also pursuing options to replace these turnstiles with modern equipment to ensure continuous operation and avoid the need for continual maintenance. We will continue to track this closely and thanks again for bringing this to my attention.