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Airmen in dormitories recieving BAS II

Commander's Action Line - Airmen in dormitories recieving BAS II


Good morning,

I'm trying to find out the status of BAS II for Buckley Dorm Residents. The Air Force has long held the authority to provide BASII to dorm residents at locations that do not have an APF Dining Facility and there are a number of bases that either have BASII during temporary closures or for permanent closures like Buckley.

The process request appears to be relatively simple, but it does require the Wing to coordinate petition through MAJCOM to SAF/FMFC for approval. Sir, I’m referring to BASII authority for dorm residents when a DFAC closed. BAS is an entitlement that CCs can provide to any dorm residents regardless of APF dining availability. The lack of adequate cooking facilities in the dorm and no government provided meals (aka DFAC) allows for dorm residents to receive twice the BAS.

I am curious if this opportunity is being considered for 460th single dorm residents, as it has been by the handful of other Commanders who have similar circumstances. (Single dorm residents, inadequate cooking facilities and no government meals available). I can't think of a more direct impact, "taking care of Airman", effort than this one.


Thank you for your question sir.

We are currently reviewing data on this issue in order to inform a decision whether BAS II is appropriate for Buckley AFB dorm residents. If appropriate, I will request authorization through the Major Command (MAJCOM) and Air Force Accounting and Finance Office (SAF/FMFC) for validation. As you correctly noted, approval authority for BAS II resides solely with SAF/FM. Our Airmen are a valued part of Team Buckley and taking care of them is critically important to our command team.

Thank you again for your Commander's Action Line submission.

Col. David Miller Jr.
Commander, 460th Space Wing