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Use of dash cameras on base

Commander’s Action Line – Use of dash cameras on base


First, let me say Buckley AFB has a highly professional and courteous Security Forces staff. I've been stationed here for almost 6 years, and I am truly impressed with our Defenders!

I have inquired with several agencies on base regarding the use of dash cameras in Personally Owned Vehicles, but with no definitive response. I have also researched the issue via the Integrated Defense Plan (IDP), and have found no mention for/against the use of dash cameras (except the fact there can be no photography/recording of restricted areas).

I have been told multiple stories upon entering the installation, and would like resolution one way or the other. Some SFS members inform me I can have the dash camera, but it needs to be pointed down or off upon entering the installation (so as not to document ROEs at the gate entrances). Others have told me it needs to be off at all times while on the installation.

I bring this to your attention as the proliferation of dash cameras is growing, and the base needs to establish a policy for/against the use.

Thank you for your time.


Sir, I sincerely appreciate you contacting me regarding your concerns about dash cameras.

As I am sure you can imagine, dash cameras, as with other types of recording devices, can undermine (even if inadvertently) our Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) posture and compromise installation security Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Accordingly, these types of recording devices are prohibited on Buckley Air Force Base.

Background: Current policy states that 'photographs, drawings, videotaping, sketches, or any like method of recording operations of or in a restricted area is prohibited.' This applies to 'any like method of recording operations' to include, but not limited to: dash cameras, smart phones, tablets, e-readers, etc. Moreover, given restricted and/or controlled areas are within view of numerous Installation thoroughfares, we must strictly limit the potential for even unintentional recording of Defense Forces AT/FP measures and TTPs.

Moving forward, we specifically ask all personnel to deactivate dash cameras (or other such recording devices) while entering/on the installation by powering them down AND restricting their field of view outside of the vehicle.

As a result of your question, I have asked my Defense Force Commander to review local policy for potential updates and ensure the widest possible dissemination to our Defense Forces to ensure consistent messaging and eliminate confusion.

I thank you for utilizing the Commander's Action Line to present your concern and I deeply appreciate your compliments of our proud and professional Defenders here at Buckley.

Col David Miller
Commander, 460th Space Wing