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AtHoc requirements for base members

Commander's Action Line - AtHoc requirements for base members


The Phone Calls Have Got to STOP!

I am a retired Air Force officer working at the ADF-C and for the past two days have been inundated with YOUR automated calls telling me about YOUR exercise. I do not understand why I am on your call list but would like to know how to get removed. I get calls on my office line, my home number, my cell phone, and I get text messages. The system is harassing me and it needs to stop.

I am only speaking for myself but I believe if you were to poll others on the base you would get a similar response.

I don't mind the real-world notifications, but to continue to receive the messages for an exercise that I'm not a part of is very frustrating. Yesterday, I received calls at the same time on my home and cell phone (and as I'm typing this I've just simultaneously received calls on my cell and home phone for the pyramid recall that was activated at 0745L; once again, something I'm not part of). The way the system works, I have to acknowledge the notifications or the system will try another contact method.

This system is very antiquated as the voice reads each letter individually at times. Some times all I hear is "E X E X E X exer exer exer". When I was the Commander of the 90th Comm Squadron at F.E. Warren AFB, we had a system at the command post that the operator would record the message and send it out. The messages we sent out were understandable and timely.


Thank you for using the Commander’s Action Line to submit a concern about our AtHoc Mass Notification System employed at Buckley Air Force Base.

As you likely are aware, installations are required to maintain a Mass Notification System to protect and account for all installation personnel. In fact, per AFI 10-206_AFGM2016-01, the Air Force requires a single Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS) to alert and warn 100% of assigned forces quickly and effectively of an emergent event.

AtHoc is the approved system we use here at Buckley AFB in order to ensure timely and accurate reporting, as well as tailor notification processing. Those on the Buckley AFB internet domain are prompted monthly to update their information using a purple globe on their computer. Those units NOT on the Buckley domain coordinate their inputs via Excel sheet once information is received from their respective unit POC who coordinates his/her inputs directly with the 460th Space Wing Command Post. A correct hierarchy displayed in the AtHoc system can, and will, limit the amount of notification one receives during exercise and real world events.

Again, our focus here is the accountability and safety of ALL installation personnel--not just the 460th Space Wing. Thus, to ensure the process works to notify the entire installation population in a contingency or emergency, we will continue to exercise our notification processes regularly in order to refine our approach where needed.

Accordingly, AtHoc is the system the base will use to keep all of Team Buckley informed. That said, I encourage you to provide constructive feedback on how we can improve our processes to my POC for this matter, MSgt Kory Mathis (460SW/Command Post) who can be reached at 720-847-5242.

Again, thank you for your submission.

Col David Miller
Commander, 460th Space Wing