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DoD civilians using the BX

I'm a Department of Defense civilian here at Buckley Air Force Base. More than once I've had to run to a store during a break. There is not a store close to the base. Is there any way that a DoD civilian employee would ever be able to use the Base Exchange on base?

The House Armed Services Committee and DoD directives determine who may shop in military exchange facilities. AR 60-20/AFJI 34-210 explicitly limit privileges for active duty military, retirees, reservists, National Guardsmen, and dependent family members of these categories, as well as 100 percent disabled veterans.

This isn't to imply that our civilian employees are any less important to the team, but only that BX privileges are extended to those facing the challenges implicit to military service. This is why some government civilians do have shopping privileges when assigned or on temporary duty overseas, or when they are on temporary duty and residing in government quarters on military installations in the United States.

The Army and Air Force Exchange Service is obligated to operate by these directives so, for now, Buckley's DoD civilians are not authorized to use the BX.