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Pedestrian Gate Walking Path

Subject: Pedestrian Gate Walking Path

Concern: I am concerned about the walking path that I use from base housing to the pedestrian gate. Three months ago, the rocks were removed from the path  to prepare for it to be paved. Other than the rocks being removed, no progress has been made pave the path. Because of this, the path has been extremely muddy and hard to walk on, to the point where I have to walk through other resident's yards instead. I have addressed my concern with the housing office and was told they are working on paving the path. I would like the path to be fixed as soon as possible. 

Response: Thank you for your Action Line input regarding the walkway from housing to our new pedestrian gate. This issue is very important to all of us -- we must ensure the safe and secure travel to and from our new nearby school for our personnel and their families. I've personally addressed this issue with our Mission Support Group Commander and our privatized housing contractor, the Hunt Company. The sub-contractor removed the rocks from the path several months ago to prepare for it to be paved.  However, the wintery weather prevented them from paving the pathway.  Unfortunately, the difficult weather with freezing snow and ice melted into a muddy transit for our parents and students.  We are pursuing several courses of action to rectify this problem including working with Hunt to have the contractor replace the gravel until the weather is favorable enough for the paving to be completed, having Hunt purchase and replace the gravel, and also researching what internal Air Force options we have given this is privatized land if the housing contractor is unable to resolve this issue.