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Commander's Action Line 14-009: Profanity Use

Subject: Profanity use by Security Forces personnel

Concern: More than 30 plus years ago, I heard the Air Force 'Top Cop' admit that Security Forces personnel have an institutional history of being "potty mouths". However, as with all institutional problems, he did nothing about it.

The Security Forces Airmen of yesteryear who heard their management using vulgar and profane language took that cue, and today are the Security Forces management who perpetuate a culture of excessive profanity, creating hostile working environments which their new airmen emulate. Unfortunately this is in violation of Air Force Instruction 36-2706, para. 1.1.1; Air Force Policy Directives 36-27 para. 9; AFI 36-2909 para. 1; Gen. Welsh's March 13, 2014, e-mailed policy on Dignity and Respect; and the SECAF's February 04, 1997, speech on "Air Force's Approach to Ending Sexual Harassment" to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Sadly, not only is nothing done by Security Forces management to alleviate the culture of vulgarity, profanity and hostility as required by regulation. Also, when the issue is brought up to them, rather than address the issue, the whistleblower is chastised and illegally identified in violation of Air Force whistleblower policy.

The policy states "The Air Force will not tolerate wrongdoing, especially prohibited personnel practices, by employees. We continue to work closely with the Office of Special Counsel in addressing this issue."
As stated in http://www.af.mil/News/ArticleDisplay/tabid/223/Article/ 111521/secaf-statement-on-whistleblower-reprisal-investigation.aspx, which not only makes the working environment for the whistleblower unbearable, it can, and does jeopardize performance ratings and  makes whistleblowers think twice about reporting due to adverse repercussion's, retribution and retaliation.

What can possibly be done to get Security Forces personnel, at least here at Buckley AFB, to comply with the above regulations that the 'rest of us' are expected to comply with and leave the "F" and "S" words out of their daily conversation while on duty?

Response: Thank you for your comments regarding SFS personnel.  While I personally have not heard their use of profanity, I have engaged the leadership chain on this issue in order to ensure all our 460 SFS Defenders maintain and uphold their positive, professional, and energetic demeanor.  I have continually seen our Air Force Core Values displayed by our SFS warriors as our "first face" to the community for all who travel through our gates.  I know Col Jourdan, my Mission Support Group Commander, and Maj (select) Stack, our Security Forces Squadron Commander will ensure we always have a mission ready and professional security force on and off-duty.   Thank you again for bringing this to my attention -- I'm proud of our BAFB Airmen, and we must all uphold a positive and professional image.