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Telluride Striping

Request you paint lanes on Telluride Street between the gas station and commissary. The lack of lines has caused some people to drive in the middle of the road, creating a safety hazard to others in the area.

BAFB safety and security is my top priority and I appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention. Restriping the entry lanes to the BX/Commissary complex was planned as part of larger pavement improvement project to be complete in 2015. However, given the potential safely concern, I've asked our civil engineers to accelerate its completion. We should have this completed before the Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thanks for your concern and helping us B3T - Build a Better Buckley (Air Force Base) Together.

Response from sender:
I would first like to thank you and applaud the urgency you and your staff placed upon the lack of any road striping near the Commissary/Exchange complex. You said that repainting  would be done by Thanksgiving and it was... BRAVO ZULU! I am very pleased to see that the  "Commander's Action Line" program work so effectively and efficiently!