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Commissary Shelter in Place


Sir, I am new to Colorado, and I recently experienced my first tornado warning and in-place sheltering. My experience was mixed one. My wife and I had just arrived at The Exchange when the managers directed us to the back of The Exchange (this was comforting). Once The Exchange manager received the all-clear, we purchased the couple items we needed and headed to the commissary. The commissary manager had not been informed of the all-clear, so he was stopping people at the commissary door and telling them they could not go any farther into the commissary until he received the all clear. The manager also informed us the command center told him to stop calling them for updates. I think the procedure for notification to the commissary needs to be improved and the location for keeping people safe in the commissary needs to be moved away from the big glass door at the front of the store. Can you bring these two problems to the base commander to so he can overhaul the emergency communications and move in-place shelter location for the commissary? Thank you for your time in this manner.


Thank you very much for your feedback on Buckley Air Force Base's shelter-in-place procedures.  The safety of our personnel and visitors is critically important and a priority for all of us.  Each of my installation and tenant leads, to include The Exchange and Defense Commisary Agency (DeCA) managers, are charged with ensuring that their respective areas are safe and secure.  Command post contingency notification procedures include both a "giant voice" notification and an AtHoc notification, which goes through computers on our network and phones on the installation.

My command post added current BAFB Exchange and Commissary leadership to the AtHoc system so they are included on automatic contacts in addition to telephone contact.  This will speed contact and ensure all patrons can be updated on the latest installation guidance and protective measures as a contingency unfolds.  Again, thank you for your very valuable feedback to improve our processes across the BAFB installation.