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6th Avenue Gate opening on time

I know that the 6th Avenue gate is supposed to be opened at 5 a.m. but was wondering why it never opens up on time? Most days the guards/Police arrive at about 5:10 a.m. to open the gate. I've called the Security Forces Squadron on several occasions to see if and when they plan on opening the gate. I get the same answer that they are probably on their way or the morning formation ran long. I do understand delays happen due to exercises and real-world issues and weather, but this happens on a daily basis. I am usually the first or second vehicle in line, so I have a front-row seat as they casually pull up.

If their formation runs long every day, maybe they should start that earlier and open the gate at the scheduled time.

What can be done to get the gate opened on time?

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and giving us the opportunity to ensure our services meet expectations. Our Security Force Defenders serve proudly and provide the base with robust entry control, police services, and force protection. Recently our team of Defenders switched from an 8-hr to a 12-hr shift schedule. This schedule change resulted in some unexpected logistical issues and delays in getting the gate open at the advertised time. These have been addressed and the 6th Ave gate is promptly opened at 0500. As a reminder, the Mississippi Gate is open 24/7 for the base populace.