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Smoking Regulations at Temporary Lodging Facilities

Subject: Smoking Regulations at Temporary Lodging Facilities

Concern: I just got off the phone with the TLF front desk who informed me that the only rule pertaining to smoking is that they are fifty feet from a door. In this particular case they set up their fold out chairs blocked the sidewalk used for guests to access their rooms and cars and load and unload their luggage while these inconsiderate individuals smoked around an innocent child who is being victimized by second hand smoke. Allowing people to block access on sidewalks so that they may smoke inconveniences every else who has to use that sidewalk and exposes them to secondary smoke. It also puts them close to vehicles, gas tanks and other flammable materials that pose a hazard. It also promotes loitering which could then lead to crime. I have never stayed at any nice hotel that would allow that sort of activity. It is my suggestion and belief that stricter rules about smoking around TLF be enforced.

Response: Thank you for your Action Line feedback on designated smoking areas in and around our BAFB lodging. This issue is very important to all of us, and our MSG team makes a concerted effort is made to safeguard our guests, especially children, from exposure to secondhand smoke. "No-Smoking Signs" are posted at each entrance to the lodging facility providing guests with directions to Designated Tobacco Areas (DTAs). Guests who wish to smoke are informed to so within the DTAs or inside their vehicles, and those who do not comply with this policy will quickly lose their welcome at our lodging facility. With our continued focus on preventing exposure to secondhand smoke, the MSG team is ensuring all lodging employees will be retrained on smoking policy enforcement. Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.