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Buckley Family Housing Concerns

Subject: Buckley Family Housing

Concern: The list below is not in any particular order.

-After the most recent snow storm, (snowed a foot or so) the sidewalks were not plowed/cleared, unacceptable. I actually had to make a right turn by crossing into oncoming traffic because snow was so far out in the road. Very unsafe.

-Residents leave trash out on the curb, and if it is windy cans end up tipping over, and trash ends up all over the community.

-Flowerbeds at the entrance to the community need TLC, as they were not tended to all of last season. This is the first thing people see when they come home, and it is the first impression of our community.

-Homes should have guttering on the fronts of the single-family homes, to help preserve the homes and their exterior. If preventative maintenance is done, the homes will last longer, and the exterior will cost less to maintain, thus saving Hunt Communities money.

-The painting on houses throughout the community is very poor. The contract is not being executed fast enough, and the residents deserve better.

-During the summer months last year the landscaping around the homes was unacceptable. Tenants should not have to weed eat/trim/mulch the area around their home, or call maintenance to do it.

-Pool maintenance: Hire a professional pool company to maintain the pool, especially with the number of times it was closed during last summer. Why have a pool, when it is always closed due to "maintenance?" Maybe test chemicals at night, that way it is ready for the next day, thusly keeping the pool open more, than closed.

-Prairie Dogs create an environment that is unhealthy, and something should be done. I have multiple holes in the back of my home, and there are wires that have been just covered up, no one ever calls the energy company to have them come out.

-Just recently there was an email discussing how they are coming around and replacing faucets and toilet bowl components as a cost/water saving measure. Why not help save the residents money by insulating the homes more adequately? In cold winter months, my house is very cold, and drafts can be felt from the exterior walls downstairs in both living-rooms.

-My family and I have been living here since November, 2014 and only on March 3rd 2016, did the housing office email the 20 page document of rules and regulations to the residents. I am constantly calling the housing office because of a barking dog, car parking, and pool operation, prairie dogs, etc..

-Overall, based on my experience, it is the (nonexistent) leadership/management of the Hunt housing and maintenance offices allowing the subpar standards within Buckley Family Housing.

Lastly, we all know contracts/money and other factors play a role in what gets done, how it gets done, and when it gets done, but in my humble opinion, Hunt makes plenty of money from each resident within the Buckley community to get the job done right the first time. I also understand a community council set up when you visited last fall, and consists of a couple of the residents from the community. If they have suggestions from members of the community and pass them to the housing office, the management should make every effort to take the suggestions to facilitate positive change within the community.

Response: Thank you for your Commander's Action Line comments -- I very much appreciate your feedback on Buckley Family Housing. 

As you know, I live in base housing, along with my leadership team, and understand each of the issues you raise.  In fact, we have raised similar issues to Hunt Housing -- both local and with corporate leadership.  We are also working with our AF higher headquarters staffs to bring more attention to our concerns.

The community survey that was conducted in October 2015 identified many areas for improvement.  An Action Plan was developed by Hunt, and we are in the process of providing additional feedback.  Our service members and their families deserve the best housing available consistent with housing allowances. 

Please continue to work with Jessica Turn and her team to resolve your concerns while we elevate community-wide issues to both corporate Hunt and higher headquarters.

Thanks again for the great feedback -- your voice is definitely heard!  I'd also encourage you to participate in the community tenant forum meetings with my CE squadron and Hunt housing.