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Distinguished visitor gate closure concerns

Issue: Distinguished vistor gate closure concerns


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to address my concerns regarding today's closure of the 6th Ave gate. I work at the Air Reserve Personnel Center. My normal commute to Buckley takes ten minutes. Today when I arrived at the 6th Ave gate and drove up the entrance only to discover the incoming gate was closed. (the outgoing gate was open) With the closure of the 6th Ave gate, the only other alternative is the Mississippi gate. Much to my dismay, the traffic at Alameda and Mississippi was so backed up that I sat through seven lights just to turn left onto Mississippi to access the gate entrance. My total commute took me 45 minutes.

I wish to offer a few suggestions:

1. Would it be possible to use a mobile sign (like the ones used on highways to alert drivers of upcoming road work) on 6th Ave to alert tenants that the gate is closed? This sign could be place at the Telluride entrance that is no longer used and would allow traffic to turn around prior to driving up to the 6th Ave entrance.

2. Since everyone entering Buckley today had to use the Mississippi Gate, why wasn't delayed reporting implemented? It is apparent that the Mississippi gate can't accommodate the volume of traffic accessing Buckley. A delayed reporting at the very least would have alleviated the traffic congestion created by all of us trying to get to work.

3. I did notice that emails were sent out yesterday alerting that the 6th gate would be closed, then another email (17:19) that it was open and another email (17:30) it was closed again. I would like to suggest that rather than send emails after normal work day duty hours, that gate closures notifications are done in a similar manner as the alert test notifications. The alert notifications are received on our cell phones and home phones.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Thank you for your response. We take each of these inquiries seriously and appreciate the time you've taken to share your concerns.

As you are aware, military installations are often subject to Distinguished Visitor (DV) visits as a course of business and these visits may at times disrupt the standard day-to-day routine of personnel at Buckley AFB.

Understanding that this potential exists, the 460 SW leadership team, in coordination with tenant leadership, our Mission Support Group and several other federal organizations, put forth our best efforts to create and execute a security plan that adheres to federally mandated personnel protection practices, while minimizing disruptions to installation vehicle and pedestrian throughput. Unfortunately the timing of our recent visit made the latter objective much more of a challenge. While much of that plan was executed extremely well, we always look to improve.

As we review our procedures, I have asked our team to develop options to improve the timeliness and scope of our communications about installation operations in order to further minimize disruptions to our base populace. Our intent remains to balance clear communication to all base personnel while ensuring operational security requirements are met. I certainly appreciate your consideration and support as we move forward.

Col. David Miller Jr.
Commander, 460th Space Wing