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Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks

Issue: Pedestrian safety in Base Housing crosswalks.


Can we get something out to ensure people still stop at the stop sign leaving housing? Since the road closed going left from housing people are not stopping there and my family almost got hit AGAIN today in the cross walk, this time by a black 4 door mercury car. Traffic in and around housing is ridiculous and no matter what seems to be briefed nobody slows down. The corners around Keystone circle are like a raceway no matter how much I yell at drivers. Lowering the speed limit to 15 did not help.


I sincerely appreciate you contacting me regarding vehicle and pedestrian safety around our crosswalks in base housing. Since my arrival this summer, I've emphasized the importance for all personnel to obey established traffic laws, whether they permanently work on BAFB or are just visiting.

Due to the high concentration of minors who reside in our base housing community, it is vitally important motorists remain extra vigilant and obey the posted 15 mph speed limit signs. My Security Forces Commander increased random law enforcement patrols in these areas as an added deterrent. Unfortunately, we do not have the manpower to sustain a constant presence in base housing; so we certainly need you and other community members to continue to help by immediately contacting the SFS BDOC at 720-847-9250 or 720-847-9252 with a license plate number, solid vehicle description, time of day, and location of the offense if you witness reckless or hazardous driving. I assure you we will pursue every tip/phone call.

As a reminder to the base populace, in accordance with base traffic laws, violators who accrue 10 traffic points within 12 months can potentially lose their base driving privileges in a variety of ways. First offenses may result in a 3-day driving suspension and 3 points assessed. Second offenses may result in a 7-day suspension and 3 points assessed. Any subsequent offenses may result in a 30-day suspension and 3 points assessed. Additionally, any incident deemed "serious" by the installation commander or designee may result in a 3 to 12-month suspension depending on the violation and circumstances involved. In accordance with AFI 91-207 para., commanders can direct problem drivers and at-risk personnel to attend driver improvement training instructed by the 460th Space Wing Safety Office.

My team and I will continue to look at ways to improve this situation with the resources we have to provide a safe living and working environment for all. Again, thank you for utilizing the Commander's Action Line to present your concerns.

Col. David Miller Jr.
Commander, 460th Space Wing