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Studio Photography

Studio photography is by appointment only and available for official portraits as required by Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force, as well as applications for special duty assignments, official passports, and citizenship applications. Chain of command studio photography will be provided for leadership at the squadron-level and above (commander, deputy/vice commander, senior enlisted leader, and first sergeant) as well as quarterly and annual award winners at the group-level and above.

Personnel must know the promotion or award photo requirements such as photo size, number of prints, etc., and notify the photographer of the requirements prior to the appointment time.

Prints are not authorized for Marine or DA customers without proper documentation and justification, nor will they receive emails of photos unless requested by the first sergeant, command sergeant major or commanding officer. Army personnel and guard and reserve members are authorized one print per year. Physical media, to include prints and CDs, will not be supplied to members of units that do not have a support agreement with the 460 SW/PA.

Studio appointments will only be made available for the above. PA will not accommodate requests for prints for organization boards below first sergeant level and for FSS boards in high traffic areas. For example, official photo requests are not authorized for shop chiefs, NCOICs, lower-ranking Airmen, etc. This guideline does not apply to quarterly awards boards. Prints for quarterly awards boards will be made for group levels and above.

PA will provide prints of USAF and DoD leadership for boards only in squadron, group and wing-level buildings. All subordinate buildings must use other resources to obtain prints for leadership boards.

Photos will not be modified or edited beyond the necessary cropping and minor lighting adjustments in accordance with DoDI 5040.5, Alteration of Official DoD Imagery, and DoDI 5040.02, Visual Information.

Studio Scheduling


All DA photo appointments will need to be scheduled via phone at 720-847-9226 by 460th Public Affairs Administrators.

If you have called and scheduled an Army DA photo, a copy of your orders is needed upon appt. arrival.

If you have scheduled an appt. via our Setmore scheduling site, IT WILL BE VOIDED WITHOUT NOTICE!

The PA Office holds a set schedule for all official photos, and does not deviate from that schedule without the approval of the Command Information NCOIC, PA Superintendent or PA Chief.

Walk-in appointments are not permitted for any rank or circumstance.

Appointments must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. Same day appointments are not permitted unless approved by the Command Information NCOIC, PA Superintendent or PA Chief

PA will not schedule blocks of times for a group of people, unless approved by the Command Information NCOIC, PA Superintendent or PA Chief.

Products will be uploaded or emailed no later than the day after the members’ appointment unless unforeseen circumstances occur. In that case, the studio photographer will inform the customer of the issue and provide an approximate timeframe to receive the product.

No-shows or same-day cancellations will be documented and reported to the individual’s First Sergeant. For no-shows, when rescheduling, the member will have to present an MFR from either the members First Sergeant or Commander stating the need for rescheduling.

All personnel must come prepared at the time of their appointment. If a member is missing any part of the uniform, such as a name tag or tie, the member will need to reschedule. PA also reserves the right to turn away personnel whose uniforms do not meet standards (i.e. soiled, too small, too baggy, or wrinkled). Such occurrences will be reported to the member’s First Sergeant.