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  • Buckley Fire Department adopts safer procedures when using fire extinguishing foam

    Foam has been used by the Air Force to extinguish fuel fires for decades. The foam is very effective at blanketing a fire and starving it of oxygen. However, recently the use of foam by Air Force fire departments has come under scrutiny because of the chemical make-up of the foam. Perfluorooctane sulfonic acid and perfluorooctanoic acid are components of the foam that were discovered in the drinking water in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Despite efforts to prevent harmful chemicals that make up the foam from seeping into local water supplies, Pfos and Pfoa levels within the ground water reached unsafe levels. In order to correct and continue safe practices, the Air Force has devised a way that it can test its fire truck pumps without having to spray foam into the environment.
  • War ready through joint preparation

    “When you’re deployed as a handler, you quickly learn that the only aspect of war that remains consistent is your partner; in our case, that’s our dog,” said Staff Sgt. John Cooper, 460th Security Forces Squadron kennel master. To become an effective team, whether it be in a deployed location or in garrison, it’s imperative for each handler to
  • Coping with the holiday blues

    Imagine Christmas trees, snow, music and the cheers of family or friends visiting. The holidays are a time of celebration and togetherness. They are often a time to enjoy those around us and break from our busy schedules. Although these may be the things many of us experience for the holidays, for some of us, it is also a time of increased stress, depression and loneliness. The holiday season also comes with extra stress. These stressors can be factors contributing to what has been named the “holiday blues.” According to the Mayo Clinic, the holiday season often brings unwelcome guests, stress and depression. The holidays give a multitude of demands, parties, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining. While some view these as a positive, others can become overwhelmed especially if the demands must be met alone.
  • Buckley 2017 Family Day

    Attendees of the Team Buckley Spouse and Family Day on Buckley Air Force Base, Colorado, Dec. 04, 2017. The event consisted of families given access to see the 460th Space Wing mission up close, with demonstrations from the operators, Defenders, and firefighters.
  • Buckley Marines prepare toys for holiday season distribution

    In 1947 the United States Marine Corps Reserve founded Toys for Tots in Los Angeles and had an initial donation of 5,000 toys. Fast forward nearly seven decades and the program has expanded throughout the nation distributing nearly 18 million toys annually. The goal of the program is to provide gifts to less fortunate children during the holiday
  • Claims for or against Major Matthew S. Racine

    Major Matthew S. Racine, stationed at Defense Contract Management Agency Lockheed Martin Denver, Littleton, CO, recently passed away.Anyone with a claim for or against his estate should step forward at this time by contacting Capt Daniel Richardson, reachable by telephone at 303-971-4311 or by email at daniel.richardson@dcma.mil. Direct all