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When it snows - remember the snowline

BUCKLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- This week's snow storm was just a sample of what we can expect at Buckley Air Force Base this winter.

For those who work at Buckley, it's a good idea to call the 460th Space Wing snowline at 720-847-SNOW (7669), before they forge out into the storm.

This line is updated anytime delayed-reporting or early-release procedures are implemented. Normally this line is updated by 5 a.m. on inclement weather days.

Another option is to turn on the TV or radio. Local television stations carrying delayed-reporting and early-release information for Buckley are CW2 News, KWGN-TV; CBS 4, KCNC TV; News 7, KMGH TV; 9 News KUSA; and Fox 31, KDVR-TV.

The radio stations include 630 AM, KHOW; 850 AM, KOA; 950 AM, KKFN; 97.3 FM, KBCO; 98.5 FM, KYGO; 99.3 FM, KTCL; 103.5 FM' KRFX; 104.3 FM, KCKK; 106.7 FM, KBPI; and 107.5 FM, KQKS.

"This year we're establishing a specific reporting time for base personnel to report to work instead of doing a specified delay time," said Col. Steven Muhs, 460th Mission Support Group commander. "With so many different tenant organizations having different reporting times this will allow our snow plows and operators time to clear base roads and parking areas."

If the snow accumulates during the day early release procedures may be implemented. Early-release procedures give people extra time to get home safely. But when an early release is established, base workers shouldn't just head for the door. Early release is "phased," meaning those who live furthest from the base are allowed to leave first.

At the 460th Space Wing, people who live more than 10 miles from base are allowed to leave at the announced early-release time. Those living closer than 10 miles may leave 45 minutes after the announced early-release time.

Tenant organizations should follow the guidance for early release established by their unit commander.

Another inclement weather consideration is childcare. The Buckley Child Development Center uses the base hours as a guide. When the base is delayed or closed, so is the CDC. When an early release is announced, the CDC will call and ask parents to pick up their children within an hour.

Next time the snow starts getting deep, people should remember these snow-call procedures and they'll know what to do.