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Six Team Buckley members promoted to highest enlisted rank

BUCKLEY AIR FORCE BASE, Colo. -- Six senior master sergeants here were selected for promotion to chief master sergeant, the Air Force's highest enlisted rank, Nov. 8.

The selectees are Senior Master Sgts. Russell, 460th Space Communications Squadron; Grant, 460th SCS; Kevin Beaty, 460 Security Forces Squadron; David Carlson, Air Reserve Personnel Center; Kenneth Ritz, Defense Finance and Accounting Service; and Todd, Aerospace Data Facility.

The Air Force has selected 417 senior master sergeants for promotion.

The complete list of selectees will be available by 5 p.m. CST on the Air Force Personnel Center's homepage.

A total of 2,475 senior master sergeants were considered for a 16.85 percent selection rate. Last year's selection rate was 22.83 percent.

The average score for those selected was 670.73, with an average time in grade and time in service of 3.03 and 22.81 years respectively. The average score was based on the following point averages:

-- 135 for Enlisted Performance Reports;

-- 25.18 for time in grade;

-- 23.45 for time in service;

-- 24.29 for decorations;

-- 68.94 for the Air Force supervisory examination;

-- 393.87 for the evaluation board score.

Score notices should be available by 5 p.m. CST, Nov. 8, via each Airman's Air Force Portal personal page or the vMPF.

The chief master sergeant evaluation board convened from Oct. 10 to 19 at AFPC to evaluate individual records of senior master sergeants eligible for promotion.