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  • Narrow your zone of ignorance

    As our esteemed Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Welsh commented last week at his commander's call, we all have a story. As a proud Community College of the Air Force degree recipient, I'm respectfully taking this opportunity to share a little bit of my story with you. It was February 1997, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio. Staff Sgt. Spencer Thomas
  • Tools of the trade

    On an uncharacteristically cool, crisp night, deep in the heart of Louisiana, efforts to evade capture by an opposition force came to a halt when, quite unintentionally, I managed to gift-wrap myself in the painful spirals of razor-sharp concertina wire that had been maliciously stretched across my intended escape route. Repeated flails did nothing
  • Leading isn't easy when you genuinely care

    I was watching an episode of "Game of Thrones" recently when I heard one of the many so-called kings boldly say, "It's easy to be a leader when you're not facing any danger." I quickly reached for my remote control and hit rewind for a repeat of the scene. I wanted to make sure I heard it right, and then I sat there thinking. Obviously, I've heard
  • View from the top: "Serve like a champion today!"

    As many of you know, I am a rabid Notre Dame Irish football fan. I have spent many a Saturday huddled around the television cheering my Irish to victory. However, the winning tradition to which I have been accustomed over the past 40 years has changed quite a bit. The wins are a little less frequent and the championships, well quite frankly
  • VIEWPOINT: What makes a champion?

    Have you ever wondered what makes a person a champion? Not just the obvious answer of a gold medal for an event or being ranked number one in a certain category. But really, what makes a person a champion? For me, one definition was observed on a miserably hot and muggy September day in 2008 in San Antonio. I was out on the old Kelly Field golf