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  • Grooming strong leaders

    Mentoring the enlisted force so our troops can replace us is vitally important. The top enlisted leaders can promote this goal by encouraging our first-line supervisors to look and act the part to produce positive results with our young troops. James C. Hunter, author of "How to Become a Servant Leader" says, "The most important person in ensuring
  • Invest early and often - use the TSP!

    For most people, the days of a comfortable retirement provided by a pension and Social Security are over. Although, the military is different as a 20-year career guarantees retirement benefits, with the uncertainty that is ever-present throughout the economy, it would be prudent to take advantage of any opportunity that is available to better help
  • Strive to be ready

    Readiness and training go hand-in-hand. Every branch of the service has its own definition or checklist defining what "ready" means. A proactive approach to readiness and training applies to all aspects of leadership. The U.S. Marine Corps mantra of "Every Marine a Rifleman" is a model worth emulating. It requires every Marine to be trained,
  • Don't pass them by

    I can still remember the day. It was cold outside, and with my parka in tow, I walked approximately a quarter-mile from one supply building to the next. My mission was to see the noncommissioned officer leading the upcoming squadron change of command. As I entered the building and walked down the hallway, I came across Chief Master Sgt. Gilmore,
  • I am an American Airman - I am a Warrior - I have answered my Nation's call

    My fellow Airmen, what would you do?There are imposters among us. While few and far between, there are men and women among us who have taken the same oath and wear the same uniforms as we do, but do not take our oaths and values seriously. They see our standards as unreasonable - and thus something they can freely disregard so long as they don't
  • Military photographer - more than pushing a button

    I'm a military photographer. You've all seen me. I'm the one in the battle dress uniform at the back of the room capturing a lifetime of memories at a military retirement, the one in service dress commemorating the memorial of a fallen comrade, and the one in battle rattle covering the war on the front lines. My job doesn't just consist of pushing
  • AF ISR trailblazer paved the way for agency's values

    August of this year marked the loss of a legend for the Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or ISR, Agency, the parent organization of the 566th Intelligence Squadron. Retired Maj. Gen. Doyle Larson passed away Aug. 13. He is revered by the Air Force ISR community for his leadership and continued commitment to excellence in the
  • Winter watch: eye care proves important during cold weather season

    Winter often introduces a variety of health concerns. Some people wonder how they are going to shed the weight they gained from stuffing themselves with irresistible holiday treats; others worry about older loved ones slipping and falling on ice and snow or keeping young ones bundled up to ward off frostbite. With so much on everyone's minds, it is
  • AFSPC vice sends out safety message

    The fall season and "transitional" weather period is here. It is important to remember the changing season reintroduces hazardous road conditions. We have to stay on our guard as one day may be warm and the next foggy or have a fine layer of frost on the road. Now is the time to make sure you are ready for winter driving. Ensure your vehicle is in
  • Meet NOSC Denver

    The Navy Operational Support Center, Denver serves as the largest Navy Reserve organization in Colorado. Our mission is simple - support to the fleet ... ready and fully integrated! We provide mission-capable units and individuals to the Navy and Marine Corps team throughout the full range of operations from peace to war. To that end, our active