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  • The time is now to plan, practice it - home fire escape

    Many single people and families follow a schedule or create a to-do list to keep things running smoothly. Planning and practicing a home fire escape should be at the top of everybody's list.Everyone thinks tragedies like home fires happen in other communities and to other people. That's probably what the people affected by the 381,000 home fires
  • Medical care when the clinic is closed

    What do you do if you need medical care when the clinic is closed? Where do you go? Who do you call? These were some questions I received at a recent commanders call. I was concerned our warfighters and family members weren't aware of how to obtain medical care when the clinic is closed, either in or out of the local area. Providers on stand-by
  • Command Chief reflects on reveille, retreat, taps

    One Saturday while living on base, my 5-year old daughter and I were chasing each other around the yard. As 5 p.m. came, so did retreat. I stopped and paid the proper respect, and without hesitation, my daughter mimicked me. She made me so proud, but she also reminded me why paying respect to the symbol of freedom is something that must be done,
  • Making appointments is now painless

    Have you called the appointment line to get an appointment at the Buckley Clinic only to be informed that the appointment choices are not compatible with your schedule? Do you wish the capability existed to make an appointment after duty hours for the next day or for a specific day or time? Have you called on a Monday and found yourself on hold for
  • Maintaining the balance

    Prior to 1969, the average age of an Air Force plane was eight years. Presently, our aircraft are an average age of 24 years old, older in many cases than those who fly and maintain them. Whether it's space, infrastructure or aircraft, the Air Force has found itself focusing on its recapitalization. To meet this challenge with today's budget
  • NSPS comes online

    The time has come -- a cadre of our civilian workforce has now entered the National Security Personnel System, or NSPS. Over the past several months, we've successfully trained all our people for the transition with classes on human relations as well as the nuts and bolts of NSPS. Our goal was, and still is, to make the transition as smooth as
  • Sharing the snow pain

    When it snows, all eyes turn to the 460th Civil Engineer Squadron for plowing the roads and keeping the pathways leading to work areas safe. The goal of the 460th CES is to provide the base populace timely road condition updates and safe passage. However, we are limited to the amount of snow we can safely handle using the equipment and trained
  • Educational opportunities plentiful for Team Buckley

    Classes, homework, papers and projects. Sounds like the typical week of an undergraduate student, doesn't it? Add physical fitness, platoon sergeant duties, training and meetings, and you have my typical week. I am currently a full-time student working toward a bachelor's degree in biology, serving on active duty, holding a part-time job and trying
  • Service before self: not casual words for SBIRS operators

    Sir Henry Taylor once said "the world knows nothing of its greatest men." After the events of recent days I have come to realize the greater truth in that statement. Upon my return home Dec. 29 from my winter retreat here, I was greeted by an enormous amount of e-mail from friends and family. My inbox primarily consisted of holiday well wishes
  • Responsibility

    Most leaders love it, followers want it, but unlike authority, responsibility cannot be delegated. Responsibility is a cause often times directed by policy, law or regulations. However, we have inherent responsibilities as officers, non-commissioned officers and as parents. Responsibility, like many things in life, is not void of challenges. The