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  • Being a good neighbor takes getting involved with the community

    Throughout the history of the Air Force, the concept of community involvement has been the key to the successful working relationships enjoyed by the men and women who serve at military installations and the communities around the world that support them. Today, more than ever, it is crucial that Airmen continue to make every effort to be visible
  • Don't drink and drive this holiday season

    The death of Senior Airman Kristopher Mansfield has been a constant reminder to many people in the Buckley community of what could happen when someone gets behind the wheel after drinking. Airman Mansfield was killed by a drunk driver more than two years ago. His death has been a rallying cry for the members of Team Buckley to ensure people do not
  • New changes to fincial services

    Transformation is a buzzword in today's Air Force and there are several upcoming changes that will ease the process of how members and retirees will handle pay issues. As many are aware, myPay, https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx, has been around for more than a year to help members identify pay matters more efficiently. It is an award-winning
  • The Spirit of America - Our Veterans!

    As I marched down the streets of Denver Nov. 11 with those service members who make our nation so proud, my message for this article came clearly to me. Those who know me will understand I have no problem talking about things, so what did I decide upon this time? Was it leadership, readiness, integrity, professionalism, standards, the wingman
  • Stand tall, proud for serving

    If you turn on the television or the radio you can hear about the tragic loses we are suffering in places like Iraq and Afghanistan. With the election year upon us everyone wants to have their say, and the critics will say it. But I ask you, do the critics ever stop to think about those that are living in the trenches, those who are putting it on
  • Change - adapting to the pendulum swing

    Everyone is gearing up for the ski season. With the push of fall weather, comes winter and snow. I never get used to the change, and I seem to dislike the snow as it spouts down from the heavens each winter. The one thing about the weather change that keeps me focused is the change itself -- I know it will change again and soon spring will be upon
  • Cohesion and unity - the very essence of a successful unit

    I've been thinking about these two words a great deal: unity and cohesion. As I reflected on those two words and my experiences at previous units, there is no doubt in my mind these two words embodied the secret to success for those organizations. Our doctrine embodies both of these concepts in Air Force Doctrine Document 1, the cornerstone of how
  • Attitude is everything

    It has been widely reported over the years that a positive attitude is the number one trait for success among leaders. I have observed throughout my 26 years of service in the U.S. Air Force that the vast majority of leaders and mentors I have known, who have helped mold and shape me into the person I am today, radiated a positive attitude. In
  • Public Affairs turns to a new way of doing business

    Today's edition of the Mile High Guardian is the last issue of Buckley Air Force Base's newspaper. The 460th Space Wing Public Affairs Office will still continue to write Buckley-specific news stories, features, viewpoints and star performers. But now, stories will be located on Buckley's new Web site, www.buckley.af.mil. Same name as the old
  • What 9-11 taught us about service

    Think back to how you felt after 9/11. Even if you did not have any personal impact, or had known someone personally affected, you probably had some sort of reaction based on your exposure to the events and your own patriotism. Times like that tend to motivate us into action -- we feel better if we are doing something to help. But over time it's