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  • Are You The Vulnerability?

    If you watched the news in April 2014, it might have seemed like the information technology world was on fire. Major corporations, banks, and some governments were scrambling to secure their websites; and everywhere you turned there were talks of “Heartbleed.” Over 600,000 websites were affected and a largescale amount of damage was done. The chaos
  • Famous Women in Air Force History

    In honor of Women’s History Month, we take the time to recognize just a few of the many ladies who pioneered an enduring legacy within the worlds of the Air Force, aviation, and space. Their achievements continue to provide an example of innovation and service to all those who have followed in their footsteps. Esther Blake: Known as “The First
  • Priming the Pump: AFSA promotes a culture of continual care

    Early in my Air Force career, I was told to sign up for a professional military organization. I was stationed at McChord Air Force Base, Washington, and the Air Force Sergeants Association was the biggest and most prevalent organization on the installation. The members were significantly involved with activities across the base and in the
  • Why History and Heritage Matters

    During my high school years, our football team had a sign above the locker room door that we’d touch prior to going out on the field. The sign exhorted us to “Add To Tradition,” listing all the state championships and playoff appearances that prior teams at the school had achieved. Touching the sign was our acknowledgement of what they had
  • Taking a hard look at yourself as a leader

    Most employees are striving to get to the next grade and aspire to perform at a level that will enable them to move up the ladder and eventually become a leader. In some instances, leaders are placed in supervisory roles much sooner than expected or prior to achieving the skillsets necessary to perform supervisory roles. Today's society is so
  • I'm not an astronaut, but I make the mission

    I can understand how some may look at the career fields within the military and wonder why those jobs exist. In fact, I have wondered this many times in the past myself. I have been in the military for 14 months; this includes my time in Basic Military Training and Technical Training. So, needless to say, I’m still new to this lifestyle. Being a
  • Biomedical Sciences Corps Appreciation week kicks off

    The Air Force Medical Service is recognizing the Biomedical Sciences Corps with the BSC Appreciation week, which is designated from January 23-27, 2017.  The BSC is the most diverse corps in the medical services.  The BSC dates back to 1917 when the Sanitary Corps was established to address infectious diseases and has grown to include a wide range
  • Leadership – A Perspective

    Leadership is certainly an age old topic that continues to be a source of great debate, even for its very definition on how leadership is even defined. Pick your favorite leadership book of choice or inquire with those in your leadership chain, and you’re bound to gain a different perspective from each source. Defining leadership is subjective, and
  • The ADC is your ally

    I find myself in a unique position in the job that I currently hold in the military. Two years ago, I received an assignment to be the defense paralegal at the office of the Area Defense Counsel here at Buckley Air Force Base. After cross-training from the weather career field many moons ago, I spent the majority of my career before this assignment
  • Inspire Strength

    Inspire. Strength.Two simple words that have come to dominate the center of my leadership philosophy.We all have encountered no shortage of buzz words or fancy theories throughout our time to help us solve our problems and conquer our challenges. Yet, I found these two simple words a long time ago engraved in stone on something that had absolutely