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  • Leadership and Parenthood

    Have you ever been with a supervisor and heard these words, “Let me tell you what the kids at work did today?” Most know the “kids at work” refers to the leader’s subordinates. Why do we call them kids instead of Airmen or some other general term? I think one of the reasons is because much like parents, leaders love their people and are always
  • Family, Friends and Health

    In today’s Air Force every career field is under stress due to the high-operations tempo and low-manning levels. Here at Buckley AFB the situation is no different. The 460th Operations Group is consistently providing missile warning and has a global impact. The 460th Medical Group provides excellent medical care while having some of its units
  • Focusing on people: Command Chief for a day

    As an airman first class, I don’t really get to see anything from the perspective of my superiors. It’s easy to see things in regard to how they affect me and what I can do to make my job easier and better, but it’s also easy to place blame on those of higher rank when I feel that they are not doing all they can to fix issues I see. I was provided
  • How sharp is your ax

    Over the weekend, I was watching a military movie placed in World War II. A squad of soldiers were sent out to find another soldier whose only surviving brother had been killed in combat. As you can imagine, the complaining from the soldiers picked for the search was instantaneous and graphic. The captain leading them squashed the grumbling
  • Down time

    I recently returned from my vacation and my main focus while I had my down time, like many of you, was my family. As Airmen we have jobs that are demanding and at times requires us to make sacrifices that takes us away from our family to ensure the mission never fails and protect our Nation’s interest. These are the hard times. While the military
  • Managing conflict

    As a commander, one of the most difficult things to do is effectively manage conflict with individuals both internal and external in your organization. Unfortunately, as a manager, if you’re going to do your job, you have no choice.Looking back now over my career, I can recall several conflicts with people I worked with and managed. Some of the
  • The truth about trust

    What makes an Airman who has been in for over five years, promoted to below-the-zone, has all fives on their Enlisted Performance Reports and has won the John Levitow award at Airman Leadership School get out of the Air Force?Perhaps they felt as if their career was not successful. Perhaps they were looking for more out of life. Or, perhaps their
  • Amazing April -- Inspections, Exercises, Distinguished Visitors, and B3T

    It has been an amazing few weeks and it’s hard to believe we’re already through April and into May of 2016. Just in the past 30 days, we completed the GLOBAL LIGHTNING exercise; cut the ribbon on our recently expanded fire department bunkhouse; hosted distinguished leaders on BAFB to include the Commander of U.S. Strategic Command, the Deputy
  • Team Buckley needs interdependence

    When I think of a word that defines teamwork, one term stands out: interdependence.A common definition used in Professional Military Education for interdependence is purposeful reliance on another entity to accomplish a mission. Interdependence is a fundamental part of teamwork. Any team truly relies on one another to accomplish a
  • 743d MI BN Understanding the Army Space Badge

    It was a sunny afternoon on March 10 and a crowd began to gather just outside the Aerospace Data Facility, Colorado. They were all here to see one thing.The Army Space Badges were going to be presented to a group of Soldiers. This award represented a culmination of over a year's worth of dedicated training and real world work experience in support