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  • PCSing with ease: lessons learned

    The e-mail pops up saying "Congratulations you have been selected to move to your next duty station." The excitement is brief and then you start to realize how much work you have to do prior to leaving. The everyday to-do list just doubled and the overwhelming feeling of change begins to set in.Over my short six-year career thus far, I have had the
  • Proper dress and conduct in civilian courts

    Have you been subpoenaed to appear in a civilian court to testify on behalf of yourself or another individual? If so, then you may not be aware that you must first receive military approval before you are allowed to wear your uniform.First, determine whether you are being summoned as a defendant, plaintiff or a witness in the proceeding. Your
  • Teen dating violence

    The Cycle of My LifeBy:  Megan, Age 16It all starts out wonderful until he strikesConstantly hearing "I'm sorry"Until it doesn't matter anymoreForgiving every time, forgetting neverCalling out for him to stopNever stopping until it is almost too lateNever thinking about the consequences of his actionsJust making me think out every possible
  • Stormwater: Our responsibility

    It's just _____"It's just ¬_____. It occurs naturally. Why do I have to do anything about it?" This and similar questions are heard by stormwater management professionals all the time. I hope to illuminate some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for our readers to create a better understanding of our impacts on our
  • Training, Exercising and Innovating

    I’d like to personally thank each of you for your outstanding contributions to our semi-annual wartime exercise last week known as GLOBAL THUNDER and our BAFB installation exercise, PANTHER THUNDER. We exercised our wartime missions, shook the dust off our plans, worked through stressful emergency responses, explored potential vulnerabilities, and
  • A Story of Progress--Building a Better Buckley AFB Together

    I'm truly encouraged by the great feedback I've been getting on the progress around the BAFB installation.  However, the significant improvements you're seeing now and the even better ones coming in the near future are only possible because we have truly outstanding Airmen and true leaders, regardless of rank, who are turning our goals into reality
  • Repeat Offender Polluters

    Some of the biggest repeat polluters in America are not always major corporations. They are always in the news because they have caused some significant spill incidents throughout the history of the Industrial Revolution. What most people don't know is every time you litter a little, it adds up to a lot.It doesn't take a major accident to release
  • Take care of yourselves and each other

    Suicide is a devastating event that can have a tremendously negative impact on our population, their families, and our mission. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, our civilian counterparts and their families are an essential part of the mission here at Buckley Air Force Base. We cannot succeed if we fail to take care of ourselves
  • Actions speak louder than words

    In June 2012 my mother and I took my 3-year-old daughter for her immunizations. Following the shots, we were walking to the car and I was admiring the beautiful sunny day. Around that time I heard retreat sound and I stopped to render the appropriate courtesies.As I stood there at parade rest, I heard my mother asking Amelia why she had stopped. 
  • Be aware of scams targeting military members

    Retired and active duty military members are frequently targeted by scammers.  Listed below are several ways in which scammers will try and target you and how you can avoid falling into their trap.Internet Scams Using Social NetworksScammers will create fake social network accounts on websites like Facebook or Twitter using a real military member's