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  • Give yourself altitude

    I am no different than most leaders.I draw upon my experiences and observations when asked to articulate something that I have learned about leadership. So with that said, I will share with you a concept that I did not make up, but rather received, during a Joint Leadership Conference in Washington D.C. sometime around February 2004.The architect
  • There’s no excuse for domestic abuse

    Recently, a spotlight has been cast upon the professional sports community relating to issues of domestic violence and child abuse.  While these issues are all across the country, it is encouraging that this spotlight has brought the problem to the forefront of the nation's attention.  The responsibility lies with each one of us to broaden the
  • Air Force needs problem solvers

    Today's Air Force is not the same Air Force I raised my hand to join in 1992. It is significantly smaller than it was then, and the way we fight and win wars is also different. In many ways, we are stronger, more effective and more efficient. It's not just because we want to be; it's because we have to be. The days of deep financial coffers and
  • Leaders: Show them the love

    I arrived at Buckley right before the 460th Space Wing change of command, so I had the unique opportunity of experiencing leadership philosophies from two different commanders.  Both established their own sets of priorities for the wing during their tenure, but the one constant similarity between the two is that they have expressed the importance
  • Cyber security: Everyone's responsibility

    Technology has simultaneously enabled huge efficiencies across the Department of Defense while also creating potential vulnerabilities on DOD networks. Many of us cannot imagine performing our jobs without computers, and younger Airmen have always had computers to aid in the performance of their duties. Computers have become as commonplace and as
  • Airmen, families zip through Colorado sky

    If someone would have told me that a year and a half into my Air Force Reserve career I would be hanging upside down from a wire, speeding through the sky at more than 35 miles per hour, I would have called a recruiter a long time ago.The Buckley AFB Outdoor Recreation program hosted its first zip line tour for service members, civilians and family
  • It's Generation X's turn

    It was a normal Tuesday for me as a sophomore in college at the University of New Hampshire in the rural town of Durham.  That day, 15,000 students went about their routines, moving from class to class.  I remember it was morning, and I had just come back from my Introduction to Intelligence class. I was wearing my ROTC uniform because it was our
  • TRICARE Nurse Advice Line gave me peace of mind

    Panic.I feel it often as a brand new parent. Every cough, sneeze, hiccup and facial twitch has me searching the internet for strange diseases or terminal illnesses. I'm used to people telling me those things are normal and there is nothing to be concerned about. This time however, our baby girl's eye was red, swollen and had what looked like
  • Got Esprit de Corps?

    My first exposure to esprit de corps was as a cadet in ROTC. My detachment commander would rally up all the cadets on Leadership Lab Fridays. He would not only give a speech, but he also participated in the team-building events followed by meeting everyone afterwards. It wasn't his rank or position that made everyone help each other, encourage each
  • COMMENTARY: Tools of the trade

    On an uncharacteristically cool, crisp night, deep in the heart of Louisiana, efforts to evade capture by an opposition force came to a halt when, quite unintentionally, I managed to gift-wrap myself in the painful spirals of razor-sharp concertina wire that had been maliciously stretched across my intended escape route. Repeated flails did nothing