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  • Air Force Stands Up New Headquarters Space Directorate

    Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson has approved the reorganization of the Air Force headquarters to establish a Deputy Chief of Staff for Space Operations, who will be a three-star Air Force general officer.
  • ODR provides essentials for outdoor adventure

    Those lucky enough to be stationed in Colorado understand the endless outdoor opportunities the beautiful state has to offer.Escaping to the outdoors can be beneficial to your physical and mental health, however, it can be difficult to be fully prepared for the journey. Whether it’s getting the proper equipment or seeking the right location for
  • Through Airman Eyes: Music keeps Airman in tune

    You’re in his head. Nothing else in the world matters outside of the room you’re standing in. Every single worry you had two seconds beforehand is now dumped from your memory and you are frozen in time. Your body becomes numb. Then, you feel your stomach begin to fill with butterflies and an overwhelming rush of adrenaline runs through you like a