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  • Military Housing Privatization Initiative Tenant Bill of Rights

    The Department of Defense is fully committed to ensuring our Nation's most valued resourceits military service members and their families-have access to safe, quality, and wellmaintained homes and communities on DoD installations.
  • 460th Space Wing

    Mission:Combat-ready Airmen advancing unrivaled missile warning, surveillance and integrated installation operations for America and our Allies.Vision:Warrior Airmen dominating today's challenges and postured to win the fight-America's Missile Warning Wing.The 460th Space Wing (460 SW) located at Buckley AFB, Colorado, is a Space Force base that
  • 460th Mission Support Group

    Mission: Combat-ready Airmen advancing unrivaled missile warning, surveillance, and integrated installation operations for America and our Allies. Vision: Warrior Airmen dominating today’s challenges and postured to win the fight–America’s Missile Warning Wing. The 460th Mission Support Group (460 MSG) provides base operating support through security, civil engineer, military/civilian personnel, base services, contracting and logistics functions to 93,000 active duty guard/reserve, civilian, contractor, retiree, veteran and family members at Buckley Air Force Base along with the bases tenant units in the Front Range area defense community; and manages an annual budget of $15 million for operations and maintenance. The 460th Contracting Flight (460 CONF) provides acquisition and administration of all requirements needed to sustain the defense of our nation throughout peace, war, and contingency operations. The unit provides this support to the 460th Space Wing and the Front Range defense community. This unit is divided into three flights: Infrastructure Support, Base Operation Support, and Plans and Programs. The 460th Security Forces Squadron (460 SFS) provides security, law enforcement and force protection leadership to the personnel and resources of Buckley Air Force Base while maintaining and deploying a capability to defend our forces conducting wartime missions around the world. The 460th Force Support Squadron (460 FSS) optimizes mission readiness by providing military and civilian personnel support, manpower management, professional military and civilian education support, military and family readiness support, and professional enhancement services. The unit supports over 93,000 active duty, Department of Defense civilian, air reserve component, retiree, and family members across the 460th Space Wing and its multi-service tenant units. The services function manages and operates morale, welfare and recreation programs for over 93,000 active duty, guard, reserve, retired military personnel and Department of Defense civilians and their family members in the Denver metropolitan area. Programs include child development and youth programs, outdoor recreation activities, fitness programs, ticket and tours programs, honor guard and mortuary affairs. The 460th Civil Engineer Squadron (460 CES) develops, constructs, operates and sustains the $5.25 billion infrastructure and facilities; and supports the tenant units of Buckley Air Force Base by flawless execution of installation engineering, environmental leadership, housing excellence, responsive emergency services and by providing expeditionary engineering to the 460th Space Wing, Combatant Commanders and Nation. The 460th Logistics Readiness Squadron (460 LRS) provides logistics support for active duty/reserve personnel assigned to Air Force Space Command units and Department of Defense agencies in the Front Range. The unit sustains combat logistics support by providing overall direction and management of installation processes related to vehicles management, traffic management, cargo movement, airlift operations, support agreements, deployment planning and execution, and bulk fuels.
  • Defense Support Program

    Mission Space Force-operated Defense Support Program (DSP) satellites are a key part of North America's early warning systems. In their 22,300-mile, geosynchronous orbits, DSP satellites help protect the United States and its allies by detecting missile launches, space launches and nuclear detonations.Features DSP satellites use an infrared sensor
  • 460th Medical Group

    “Mission:Combat-ready medics optimizing the human weapon system by delivering Trusted Care across Team Buckley.Vision:Warrior Medics...Pioneering Space Medicine!Values:Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do & Compassion for Those We Serve  The 460th Medical Group (460 MDG) provides trusted health services to over 87,000
  • 460th Operations Group

    460 OG Factsheet 2 SWS & 11 SWSThe 2d Space Warning Squadron (2 SWS) and 11th Space Warning Squadron (11 SWS) are the primary operations units within the 460th Operations Group. Their primary mission is to provide missile warning, missile defense, battlespace awareness, and technical intelligence by utilizing the $29.4 billion dollar Space-Based
  • Claims against the estate of TSgt Jason B. Friday

    TSgt Jason B. Friday, stationed at Buckley AFB, CO, recently passed away.Anyone with a claim for or against his estate should step forward at this time by contacting 1st Lt Pablo Fernandez, reachable by telephone at 720-847-9156 or by email at pablo.fernandez.2@us.af.mil. Direct all questions to Lt Fernandez.
  • Claims against the estate of Elgin "Rick" Ross.

    Claims against the estate of Elgin "Rick" Ross.Elgin "Rick" Ross, stationed at Buckley AFB, Colo., recently passed away. Anyone with a claim for or against his estate should step forward at this time by contacting Maj Ryan L. Avery reachable by telephone at 720-412-2710, or by email at ryan.avery@us.af.mil.Direct all questions and concerns to Maj
  • 460 FSS roles out new texting service for events

    We are am happy to announce that the 460th Force Support Squadron Marketing Department will be launching our texting service April 26, 2017!Please share and spread the word!
  • Temperature concerns for children during exercises

    CONCERN:There was an active-shooter exercise which took place during the last week of February 2017 which resulted in the complete evacuation of the A-Basin Child Development Center. Unfortunately, it was very cold that day (I don't think it even reached 25 degrees) and children as young as infants were taken outside wearing nothing more than