Buckley Air Force Base Units

Buckley AFB's host unit, Buckley Garrison, falls under the direction of the United States Space Force.

It is responsible for day-to-day support to the operational mission of the Space Delta 4 (DEL 4) Missile Warning Delta. Buckley Garrison and DEL 4 directly support Combatant Commands across the globe.

Besides being the home of Buckley Garrison, the base also hosts Space DEL 4 Missile Warning Delta, the 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard (COANG), the Navy Operational Support Center, the Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado, the Army Aviation Support Facility and the Air Reserve Personnel Center. These are also known as the "Big Six" mission partners at Buckley.

Buckley AFB truly represents a joint, Total Force and coalition base. This includes 3,100 active duty members from every service, 4,000 National Guard personnel and Reservists, four commonwealth international partners, 2,400 civilians, 2,500 contractors, 36,000 retirees and approximately 40,000 veterans and dependents. The base contributes an estimated $1 billion annually to the local economy.


Space Delta 4 (DEL 4) provides strategic and theater missile warning to the United States and our International Partners.  It operates and supports three constellations of Overhead Persistent Infrared (OPIR) satellites and two types of Ground-Based Radars (GBRs) for the purpose of conducting strategic and theater missile warning.

Additionally, DEL 4 provides tipping and cueing to missile defense forces, battlespace awareness to Combatant Commanders and technical intelligence for further analysis. DEL 4 manages weapon system architectures and ensures operations are intelligence-led, cyber-resilient, and driven by innovation, while postured to operate in a contested, degraded, and operationally-limited environment. DEL 4 is one of eight mission-oriented Deltas within the United States Space Force.

140th Wing

140th WingThe 140th Wing, Colorado Air National Guard is unique in that it is comprised of four groups, 11 squadrons, and three geographically separated units. The 140th Wing operates three missions that fall under three different commands. More info.

Air Force Reserve Command

Air Force Reserve Command In fulfilling its mission, ARPC is in constant contact with the Air Staff, the director of the Air National Guard, the chief of Air Force Reserve, major commands, field operating agencies and individual reservists. During contingency operations or war, the Center receives direction and guidance through the Air Force Crisis Action Team. The Center orders individual Air Force Reserve personnel and members of the Retired Reserve and Retired Regular Air Force to extended active duty, as required during national emergencies and as provided by law.  More info.

Colorado ANG

Colorado Army National Guard The Colorado Army National Guard trains and readies forces and develops leaders; on order, mobilizes to support the National Military Strategy and, at the call of the Governor, protects and supports Colorado citizens and property. More info.

Navy Info Ops Command

Navy Information Operations Command Colorado The Navy Information Operations Command Colorado originally stood up Nov. 1, 1995, as the Navy Security Group Activity Denver. The unit quickly grew from a small Navy detachment with less than 30 Sailors to a command with more than 300 Navy personnel. More info.

743rd Military Intelligence

743rd Military Intelligence Battalion743d Military Intelligence Battalion conducts worldwide SIGINT operations to enhance battle command and provide information advantage to Army, Joint, and Combined Forces, as well as National Consumers.
More info.

Buckley Units

Wing Staff
 -Commanders Support Staff
 -Public Affairs
 -Command Post
 -Inspector General

Mission Support Group
 -Force Support Squadron
 -Security Forces
 -Logistics Readiness
 -Civil Engineering
 -Contracting Squadron

Space Delta 4
- 460th Operations Support Squadron
2d Space Warning Squadron
- 6th Space Warning Squadron
- 7th Space Warning Squadron
- 10th Space Warning Squadron
- 11th Space Warning Squadron
12th Space Warning Squadron
- 13th Space Warning Squadron
- Detachment 1
- Operating Location – Fylingdales
- 62d Cyber Squadron
- Detachment 1, 71st ISR Squadron

Medical Group
 -Medical Operations Squadron
 -Medical Support Squadron

Buckley Tenant Units

  • Aerospace Data Facility-Colorado
  • 566th Intelligence Squadron
  • Joint Force Headquarters - Colorado
  • 743rd Military Intelligence Battalion
  • Army Aviation Support Facility (AASF)
  • Combat Logistics Battalion 453, Combat Logistics Regiment 4, 4th Marine Logistics Group
  • Quebec Battery, 5th Battalion, 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division
  • Company A, Marine Cryptologic Support Battalion
  • Bravo Company, Intelligence Support Battalion, Marine Forces Reserve
  • Headquarters, 169th Field Artillery Brigade
  • United States Coast Guard Cryptologic Unit - Colorado

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